To make your Upcycled Belt Bag you will need to purchase this BELT BAG SEWING PATTERN. <- This PDF document includes all the pieces to cut the fabric, plus a full list with the materials needed for this project. 
Follow these easy steps to make your upcycled bag!

Prepare your Jeans:
  • Deconstruct your jeans strategically to use as much fabric as possible, and open the seams to allow easier placement of the patterns.

  • Remove the back pockets and label from the jeans

Cut the Sewing Patterns & Prep before Sewing: 

  • Cut the all the pattern pieces using the jeans.

  • Cut the interfacing pieces (Pieces A + B + C)
  • Fuse the interfacing to the pieces A + B + C using your iron.

  • Cut 2 x piece 'E' (Strap Attachments).
  • Cut the lining using patterns A + B + C with your cotton fabric.

Let's start SEWING!

  • Optional: Sew the label of your jeans in the center of piece 'A', or you can also use your preferred decorative patches.

  • Prepare 2 of the 'Strap Attachments' by folding in 4, pressing, and sewing along the edge.
  • Insert "D" rings on each Strap Attachment and fold in half.

  • Strap Attachments placement: Secure these strap attachments on the side/ center of piece 'A'.

  • Secure the Strap Attachments with the "D" rings by sewing along the edge carefully.

    Prepare the zipper:
  • Cut piece 'C' in half, longways.
  • Sew it right sides together with the zipper.

  • Using your sewing pattern, re-measure the width of the zipper piece and remove the excess if needed (Remember that sewing a zipper adds to the width of this piece).
  • Once the zipper piece is ready, sew it together with piece 'B' Base. Use the same seam allowance of 1/2" (1.25cm). *Be careful when sewing over the zipper teeth to prevent your needle from breaking.

  • Locate the center of these pieces once you sew them together, by folding them in half and making a tiny V cut .

  • Clip or pin together the center of this piece to piece 'A'.

  • When you get to the corners, make tiny cuts to open the fabric and release tension. 

  • Open the zipper, and repeat this step on the second piece 'A'

  • When sewing over the Strap Attachments and the seam where the zipper and base meet, it might get a bit too thick for your sewing machine. Sew carefully and move the needle by hand if needed. You can also make the "strap attachments" from a thinner fabric to ease the process.

  • Turn this piece inside out and make sure everything looks good.
  • Turn it back to the outside in, and put to the side

Let's work on the Lining

  • Cut piece 'B' in half longways.

  • Press 1/4" on one side, of each piece.

  • Sew together through the ends, with the Base piece 'B'

  • Repeat the same steps to sew it along the edge with pieces 'A'.

  • Make tiny cuts in the corners to release tension on the fabric.

  • With the lining outside in- bring back the belt bag you sewed previously and place it inside the lining; so the wrong side of the denim bag is facing the wrong side lining.

  • Sew all the way around the top on the zipper area by hand, using a 4 thread needle. Complete this step with a hidden stitch and making sure the thread is not showing on the outside.

Let’s work on the Straps:

  • Cut the pieces for the straps using the measurements provided on the sewing pattern.

  • Fold each piece in 4 longways, then press and sew along both edges.

  • Insert the strap adjuster and secure with the sewing machine.

  • Insert swivel hooks on both ends of each strap, then fold in 3cm in and sew along the edge to secure.

Mini Coin Purse:

  • Follow the instructions provided in the sewing pattern (Last Page).


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